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Sisu Studios embodies the Finnish philosophy of courage and determination within each design. Linsey Olesiak is a Colorado artist, art educator, and founder of Sisu studios. Originally from Duluth Minnesota, Linsey earned a bachelor's degree in art education. Her years of experience as a mixed media artist, illustrator, and graphic designer give her work a uniquely organic and highly finished feel. The word "sisu" holds special meaning for Linsey because while it is difficult to define in English,  it captures the work ethic that was instilled in her working on her grandparent's farm and is a reminder of the spirit people exude when doing something hard like climbing a fourteener, learning a new skill, or working toward a better world. And somewhere in that tiny word, it reminds us that a life well-lived is lived outside. Follow Sisu studios on Instagram to see what Linsey is creating and where she and her pup Summit are exploring. 

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